Technical information on our exhibitions for use of exhibiting institutions

Exhibition  French Donjons

Model of Coucy Castle
Overall size 6 m x 6 m
Size of donjon 1.30 diameter, ca. 2.40 m high
Material, surface Oak, building stones to size.
Descriptions English, French and German on model.
Total weight of model ca. 2.5 tons
Protection  24 separate glass panels surrounding the model.  Each   panel weighs ca. 50 kg.
Area Required  9 m x 9 m for four side viewing (free area)  9 m x 7.5 m for  three side viewing.
Viewing Platform 3-step carpeted, with stainless steel rails (supplied)
Lighting Non glare from the ceiling. Preferably about 100 halogen spots. (Not supplied)
Size 1.50 m x 1.25 m
Weight ca. 5 kg each
Suspension Two holes
Material Forex
Figures and scenes
Figures ca. 2 500 hand painted base on Preiser-Figuren

Kleinkunst-Werkstätten Paul M. Preiser GmbH, D-91534 Rothenburg o.d.T.

Castle Interior

Cross section.  Banquet and knighting ceremony in the gallery hall

Musicians, dancers, acrobats

Kitchen preparation of a festive meal

Castle hospital


Prison and torture chamber

Construction of hourdes

Defence of the walls using stone catapults

Mounted soldiers waiting to start a relief attack

Outer bailey Cavalry battle including close fighting

Removal of wounded and dead of both sides

Mangonel and Trebuchet and arrow-catapult in operation

Siege towers brought up to walls

Supply contingent

Attack using scaling ladders and battering ram



English camp with command centre

Hospital in ruined church

Craftsmen including black smith and armourer, carpenters and siege machine constructors, cooking.

Siege engines Stone catapults such as mangonel*, trebuchet*, onager**, blide**, scaling ladders*, siege towers*, battering ram**, drill*, undermining*

*  = Modelled by the ICRS 

**= Products of Elastolin-Preiser

Model of the French Knights’ Jousting Tournament
Overall Size 2.10 m x 2.10 m
Height ca. 75 cm
Protection Surrounding glass case - 4 separate glass panels each 1 m high
Total height ca. 1.75 m
Frame Steel
Number of figures ca. 700 painted with authentic French nobility heraldic patterns
Special feature 4 electric rotating displays with user controlled time switch
Required quality of sea container
Overall size 40 feet High-Cube (ca 12 m by 2.40 m)
Contents ca. 30 pine wood boxes, 3 transportation frames for glass panels, each ca. 50 kg, styropor, tools, electrical tools, carton boxes
Storage area conditions ca. 30 sq. m maximum 3 layers, required loading and unloading area ca. 100 sq. m, dry and free from dampness
Required transport facilities Fork lift and hydraulic carriage to be provided by client
Unloading conditions Suitable for use of High-Cube-Containers
Required quality of land container (supplied by ICRS)
Vehicle 7.5 ton lorry (loading surface 6 m by 2.5 m) and additional vehicle (loading surface 4 m x 4 m)
Boxes Hardboard boxes with wooden frames, 3 transportation frames for glass panels, each ca. 50 kg
Personnel provided by the ICRS
Set-up 3-4 people provided by ICRS. 
Personnel to be provided by the client
Unloading of vehicles and moving all materials to area of exhibition 4 people, ca. 4-6 hours
Moving all materials from exhibition area to storage area 4 people, ca. 3 hours
Loading of the container and vehicles 4 people, ca. 3 hours
Assistance with hanging of panels 2 people, ca. 4-6 hours
Assistance with taking down of panels 2 people ca. 1 hour
Assistance with set-up of glass protection 2 people, ca. 3 hours
Average total  68 hours (experienced personnel)
Merchandising & Publicity Materials
CD-ROM containing colour photos of the model for posters and flyers
Video Film in English, German or French (duration ca. 1 hour)


in four languages English, French, German and Dutch 231 pp.  Sale or return



Dr. Jürgen Jansen, Aachen
Gwenny Nystad, Aachen
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