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The International Castle Society (ICRS) is a non-profit organisation specialising in the study of castles spanning the period from Carolingian times to the end of the Middle Ages. Using up-to-date research and technology we bring to life the civilisation of the age of the castle in the Occident. We have the cooperation of first-class historians as well as gifted artisans who create our models on a scale of 1:25. For some years now students of Aachen vocational school of design have been able to do a year-long internship with the ICS.
 If we try for historical accuracy down to the last detail we achieve this not simply in our models of well-known castles, some of which being listed as world cultural sites, but in all the trappings that come with them. Our figurines wear period costumes and the crusader ships in Acco harbour were actually built like we show them on orders by the king of France. Our exhibits have sieges, knights’ tournaments, as well as market scenes reconstructed exactly the way historical sources say they were. Even if historians’ views don’t really agree on what a building or a situation was like we can accommodate that in our models, their speciality being they offer different ways of looking at them. To achieve this, variable shapes and pieces are inserted into our models from the start allowing an astonished public to be offered different aspects of the same thing at the drop of a hat. The latest scholarly findings are presented on information panels that are presented in several languages.
 Already our concept has earned worldwide recognition. In the USA alone so far well over 100,000 people have visited our exhibitions.
 Presently the International Castle Society is planning an international castle museum. To undertake this we are looking for sponsors and partners. This proposed museum will endeavour to open up to young people new ways of understanding history. Creating models as we do is an excellent way of developing interactive processes.

International Castle Society invites you to support and work with our Society whether you are a member or not. We are looking for expert translators as well as people with knowledge of castle history for the English and French pages of our extensive website. Just e-mail us at the address mentioned under
Impressum and we will contact you. You can then join the ICRS or simply help us without being a member. We are also looking for hints and help on how to find institutions and groups that may be interested in exhibiting our family-friendly exhibits. For some time now this approach has been successful in  establishing contact among people working in the same field. From the Society’s board as well as all castle lovers who think international, thank you for your cooperation.

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